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    Responsive image. INDEX: AWARD 2015 FINALISTS · Responsive image. DESIGN ICONS: STEP UP TO THE SHARING ECONOMY OR PERISH · Responsive ...

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    An index is an indirect shortcut derived from and pointing into, a greater volume of values, data, information or knowledge. Index may refer to: ...

  • Index Ventures
    Zesty, the next generation office catering company in San Francisco, today announced a $17M Series A funding round led by Index Ventures and joined by  ...

  • Index Definition | Investopedia
    Each index has its own calculation methodology and is usually expressed in terms of a change from a base value. Thus, the percentage change is more ...

  • Speed Index - WebPagetest Documentation
    The Speed Index metric was added to WebPagetest in April, 2012 and measures how quickly the page contents are visually populated (where lower numbers ...

  • Index on Censorship | the voice of free expression
    Provides subscription information for bi-monthly magazine promoting free speech . Also includes assortment of online articles.

  • Happy Planet Index
    The Happy Planet Index (HPI) is the leading global measure of sustainable well- being. The HPI measures what matters: the extent to which countries deliver ...

  • 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index -- Results
    Countries at the bottom need to adopt radical anti-corruption measures in favour of their people. Countries at the top of the index should make sure they don't ...

  • Human Development Index (HDI) | Human Development Reports
    The Human Development Index (HDI) is a summary measure of average achievement in key dimensions of human development: a long and healthy life, being ...

  • Ask Google to re-crawl your URLs - Search Console Help
    If you've recently made changes to a URL on your site, you can update your web page in Google Search with the Submit to Index function of the Fetch as Google ...

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